Ship’s Order 1611-01 – Enlisted Crew Promotions

Date: 14 November 2016
To: BuPers & All officers, enlisted and supernumerary personnel of HMS Callisto (BC-722)
Re: HMS Callisto Ship’s Order 1611-01 – Enlisted Crew Promotions

As of the date of this order, and by my Authority as Commanding Officer, HMS Callisto (BC-722), I hereby announce that Private 1/C Al-Noor Alladin (RMN-3606-16) of the RMMC, having the necessary time in grade is hereby promoted to Lance Corporal (E-3) effective this date.

Congratulations, and keep up the outstanding work.

For Grayson, the Keys, the Sword, and the Tester

Captain (GSN) Jenni Merrifield, CCLW, ME

Commanding Officer

HMS Callisto (BC-722)


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