Ship’s Order 1701-01 – Enlisted Crew Promotions

To: BuPers & All officers, enlisted and supernumerary personnel of HMS Callisto (BC-722)

Re: HMS Callisto Ship’s Order 1701-01 – Brevet to Ensign to Fulfill Ship’s Minimum Officer Complement


As of the date of this order and by my Authority as Commanding Officer HMS Callisto (BC-722), as a recent transfer of personnel resulted in Callisto’s officer complement falling below the minimum required for a ship of her size I hereby announce that Petty Officer 3/c Richard Feltham, RMN, EM (RMN-2554-14), having completed the necessary training with Honors, is hereby brevetted to the rank of Ensign effective 05 JAN 2017.


For Grayson, the Keys, the Sword, and the Tester

Jenni Merrifield, OE, CCLW

Captain,                           GSN

Commanding Officer, HMS Callisto (BC-722)