Ship’s Order 1702-01 – Officer Crew Promotions

To: All officers, enlisted and supernumerary personnel of HMS Callisto (BC-722)

Re: HMS Callisto Ship’s Order 1702-01 – Promotion Announcement


It is my privilege, as Commanding Officer HMS Callisto (BC-722), to announce that, having met the academic requirements necessary for promotion, completed the requisite Time in Grade, and with the approval of the Officer II Board of Promotions, Commander Dame Cary Anne Conder, KCE, RMN-0866-12, is hereby promoted to Captain (Junior Grade) effective as of 09 FEB 2017.


Congratulations, and keep up the outstanding work.


For Grayson, the Keys, the Sword, and the Tester

Jenni Merrifield, OE, CCLW

Captain                           GSN

Commanding Officer, HMS Callisto (BC-722)